This Man Dressed Up As A Red Carpet For His Company Dinner



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This Man Dressed Up As A Red Carpet For His Company Dinner

By sleepingbeauty

Every year, we tend to look forward to our company dinner and the creative themes they'd usually come up with. Some employees might go all the way with their outfits and some might not even bat an eye to dress up for the occasion.

But this Malaysian, not only did he go the whole way but he actually committed himself to his company's dinner theme which was Red Carpet.


Dinner Tema Red Carpet??

Red Carpet - Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra

Hands down, he wins Best Dressed for us as he went to the function dressed up in a tee that could be matched as a sports jersey alongside his track pants and sports shoes. But what makes his attire stand out is, wearing a literal red carpet around his neck.

Well, you got to hand it to the man. he certainly isn't a spoiled sport and he's all in for the game.

Would you dress up as him next time when your company dinner comes? 

Dressed Red Carpet Company Dinner outfit


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