What Do Rings Mean On Different Fingers?



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What Do Rings Mean On Different Fingers?

By xweienx

Rings - an accessory suited for both men and women. A tiny band around your finger might seem small but it goes a long way to improving your overal outfit and aura. It can also represent something or someone you love or would want to remember. But, knowing which finger to put it on is also a skill as putting it on different fingers signal different things to outsiders. Let's have a look:


#Pinky Finger

Having your ring on your pinky usually signifies that you are not interested in marriage. You might still be open to relationships and hookups, but putting a name on paper is not within your plans.

Aside from that, pinky rings can also symbolize professional excellence, such as when you have a degree in engineering or ecology. This is usually worn on the dominant hand (mostly right).


#Ring Finger

There is a reason why we call it a ring finger, because that is where the ring traditionally goes, and rings have always been for marriage up until the last few decades.

There are some cultures where the right ring finger signifies an already engaged person, while the left ring finger says that the person is already happily married.


#Middle Finger

The middle finger ring is open for interpretation, so it really is up to you to decide. That makes it a good finger to show a ring off without making a statement.

There are some people who put a ring on the middle finger as a romantic promise (couples who aren't getting married yet) to show that they are deeply in love with each other.


#Index Finger

Similar to the middle finger, rings on the index finger do not portray a strong statement. Some cultures have used it to signify that they are looking for a relationship (if that person is single) or looking for marriage (to hint their partners).

We can see how much rings are entwined with romantic relationships.



Back in the days, kings, emperors and other royalty would have a ring on their thumb (which people would kiss). In the modern day, this can be interpreted as a symbol of power and status.

Whether it is on the ring or left thumb, you can be assured that a person with a thumb ring is most likely ambitious.


So, there you have it. If you would like your ring to convey a message instead of just being a fashion statement, then be sure to put it on the right finger!

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