Local School Canteen Offers Sushi & Sando Sandwiches For Students



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Local School Canteen Offers Sushi & Sando Sandwiches For Students

By GraceSundram

You now understand how we grew up on school canteen meals like roti canai, nasi lemak, wan tan mee, and ABC.

At this point in our lives, the majority of us are parents, and it may bother us to know that our kids aren't eating a balanced diet while they're at school.

Hence why some parents choose to pack home-cooked meals for them to eat at school.

But much to our surprise, this Sekinchan primary school has upped the ante by offering its students a reasonably priced, nutrient-rich menu. 

Students now have a better selection of enticing yet healthy meals such as sushi, sando sandwiches, herbal chicken rice, glutinous rice, seaweed pork floss rice sandwich, chicken chop toasts, teriyaki chicken rice bowls, and more.

Netizens have expressed their support and stated that they would like to return to school merely to eat in the school canteen again with this menu.

Kudos to the school canteen board for doing so!

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