WATCH: Popular M'sian Radio DJ Discovers An Intruder Living In Her Home When She's Not Around



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WATCH: Popular M'sian Radio DJ Discovers An Intruder Living In Her Home When She's Not Around

By JustineG

Malaysian popular female DJ Emely Poon caught the attention of many netizens when she posted a video on Facebook, a few hours ago. In the video, Emely is seen shouting for help upon discovering a stranger inside her house and angrily questioning why he was there.

She wrote in her caption that this was the closest she had ever come to fear in her life. According to her, on the morning of July 11, her schedule was different from usual as she had just returned from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur. 

She arrived at her studio at 9:30 a.m., only to find that the TV was on, playing a program she was unfamiliar with. Suddenly, a man wearing a red shirt and loose shorts emerged from her kitchen. It was then that she realized her home had been intruded upon four times.

She revealed that the intruder was very familiar with the entire building's structure, using the fire escape stairs each time and managing to climb onto her balcony and enter her house undetected by any surveillance cameras. 

According to the intruder, he had attempted to intrude more than ten times in the past two months, succeeding three to four times. Since he knew it was her home, he would choose to enter when she was going to work in the morning and leave before she comes home.

However, security personnel informed Emely that the man had also been seen lingering near her balcony late at night. This frightened her because she couldn't predict when he would intrude again, understand his motives, or know what he was doing in her home. 

Helplessly, she expressed, "This was supposed to be the safest place for me, but now it has become the most dangerous." The management office of the apartment complex is right next to her home, yet they have been unable to provide any protection for her.

The security personnel also informed her that the intruder had been spotted naked on the rooftop of his own unit, leading to complaints from others. 

During police questioning, he claimed he needed to absorb vitamin D. What shocked Emely was the remark made by the main person in charge of the property management office, which she found difficult to comprehend: "It's the girl's fault if she is attractive, and she is to be blamed when something bad happens."

In conclusion, she raised a question, "If I am considered lucky among the unlucky this time, are girls, female students, working women, mothers, and women in general safe when they go in and out of here? Can we really live and move around safely?"

Translation: So scary // My daughter stays at home alone every day // The management here has a lot of problems, do remember to block your door properly // Sometimes when you travel overseas, I think he showers and do stuff at your place. Cause when I leave at 6 in the morning, I saw him walking out of your place. It smells nice like he just took a shower. And I often see him acting suspiciously in the parking lot // Can I post our conversation? // Yes // Thank you

Translation: I saw him many times at your place, and I thought he stayed with you // Where you saw him // Many times already // What the // More than 4 times? // I saw him every time I came back from work // What time do you finish work // Way more than that // Can you help me take note in the future? // More than 4 times?

Additionally, Emely shared screenshots of conversations with her neighbours, who mentioned having seen the man multiple times in her home, more than four times. They even witnessed him leaving her house around 6 p.m., smelling as if he had just taken a shower, and sometimes acting suspiciously in the parking lot.

She had also filed an official police report on the intruder after many netizens wondering if this was a prank.

To all women, please stay alert to your surroundings, especially if you live alone. It appears that you cannot trust anyone around you, even if you believe they may come to your aid.

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