Netizens Creeped Out To See A 'Pontianak' In Ameera Khan's Photos



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Netizens Creeped Out To See A 'Pontianak' In Ameera Khan's Photos

By JustineG

As the season of "cik ponti" emerges, a curious debate has stirred within the online community surrounding local influencer Ameera Khan's recent Instagram photos. 

While admirers showered her with compliments for her striking beauty, a distinct curiosity arose from a peculiar figure that unexpectedly manifested in the background of her snapshots.

Amid the sea of positive feedback, sharp-eyed netizens couldn't help but spot an eerie presence lurking behind the swaths of yellow fabric and the trees beyond Little Miss Khans' window.

A wave of speculation ensued, prompting questions about whether the enigmatic white form was indeed a ghostly apparition of the legendary Pontianak or simply a trick of the eye.

While Ameera's perspective on the uncanny addition remains unclarified as of yet, the persistence of the original post suggests that the influencer's digital realm became a breeding ground for the conjecture of that fateful evening. 

Among the diverse interpretations, some enthusiasts proposed a more mundane explanation attributing the anomaly to everyday objects like a box or miscellaneous items that inadvertently assumed an eerie semblance.

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