【Advice】Helpful Life Hacks For Those Who Absolutely Suck At Adulting



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Helpful Life Hacks For Those Who Absolutely Suck At Adulting

A   |   May 11, 2021, 20:09   |   61

These random life hacks will have you developing multiple skills at once, and you‘ll thank us for it. No reading long paragraphs, or lengthy introductions, just good ol' infographics— for your ultimate convenience. 

1. Know your onions:

2. If you've always failed at baking cookies, perhaps this might help:

3. Who knew plants could have other purposes other than dying just weeks after you got them?

4. For future references, in case your heart ever gives up on you:

5. Introducing, these wholesome hacks for happiness:

6. This is for those who like to imagine themselves trapped in the worst possible scenarios for fun:

7. This one hack in particular, is super helpful:

8. This. So you don't need to call your mom everytime you go grocery shopping:

9. Because you know... this is serious information:

10. Don't skip this, because you'll really need it in the future: 


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