Get An Ang Pao Worth RM8,888 and RM888 Gold Bars – All You Have To Do Is Count The Windmills Around Gamuda Cove Central Park & Show Off Your Mahjong Skills



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Get An Ang Pao Worth RM8,888 and RM888 Gold Bars – All You Have To Do Is Count The Windmills Around Gamuda Cove Central Park & Show Off Your Mahjong Skills


Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, and most of us are scrambling to buy new outfits, clean the house, and plan family reunion gatherings. And, as you may know, this year is the year of the rabbit, which represents elegance, beauty, and peace and is the luckiest of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

We know how hectic the celebrations can get but perhaps once you're done with the major festivities, you can take your family out for an outing and create unforgettable memories for the new year. 

At Gamuda Cove's Leap Of Happiness Chinese New Year event, there are so many things for you to do and of course, admission is FREE! 


Block out this date in your calendar:

Date: 4th February 2023

Time: 11am - 5pm

Venue:  Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery

11 things to enjoy at this year’s Gamuda Cove's Leap Of Happiness event: 


1. Insta-worthy Windmill Spot at 60-acre Central Park

Enter the Insta-worthy Windmill Spot at 60-acre Central Park and try to figure out how many windmills are there for a chance to win an RM8,888 Gold Bar. Make sure to be really creative!

2. Show off your Mahjong skills

If you're known as the King or Queen of Mahjong, you should play the game there because you may walk away with an ang pao worth an RM888 Gold Bar!

3. Catch the live Acrobatic Lion Dance performance

Of course, Chinese New Year would be incomplete without the exhilarating lion dance. Make sure to catch the Acrobatic Lion Dance, and watch how synchronised and perfect the choreography is!

Enjoy cultural acts such as a Festive Drum set, a choreographed performance featuring 6-10 performers, to get into the CNY spirit. Did you know that each drum has a unique name and function based on how it is played?

The drummers' drumsticks are usually made of bamboo that has been tapered on both ends. They are usually ornately embellished with festive colours and artwork. The same goes for the performer's costumes as well. The Festive Drum performance used to be dominated by the male population however as time goes on, women are also seen participating in it. 

4. There's also the Mask Changing show to look forward to!

5. Don’t miss out on the Dragon Dance & CNY Performance

It is believed that Chinese dragons have influence over water, rain, hurricanes, and floods. They also represent power, luck, and strength. We do often experience the Lion Dance but seldom the Dragon Dance, but little do we know that the latter is performed to help ward off evil spirits and bring in luck and benefits for the community. On top of that, you get to enjoy the spectacle of the Chinese New Year performance.

6. It’s the Year of the Rabbit, so bunny up at the Rabbit Farm

Who says there won't be any rabbits at the event? Visit the Rabbit Farm with your loved ones and get up and personal with all of the adorable bunnies.

7. What’s your future going to be like? Find out at the Fortune Teller booth!

Take part in the Fortune Teller reading to find out what 2023 has in store for you.

8. What’s a festival if there are no candies?

Look out for the traditional Chinese New Year candies that will be available and offered to you and your family especially the ones we grew up with: Dragon Beard and Bing Tanghulu Candied Hawthorn Stick.

9. Your kids can pick up a new skill by participating in the various workshops

Your kids will become acquainted with the craft of knotting during the Chinese Knot-Tying Workshop, where they will also discover that each knot has a common name based on the shape it takes.  A knot may occasionally be adorned with beads or coins for a more polished appearance.

They can also choose something new and revitalize this year of the rabbit by enrolling them in the Modern CNY Calligraphy Workshop. They will learn how to draw auspicious New Year phrases on paper, which they can then stick on the door or house's wall to make it seem more festive.

10. Enjoy delectable treats from the various F&B options & shop till you drop at the Bazaar

There’ll be tons of food trucks available during the event day for you to fuel up!

Plus, you will certainly be spoilt with options as you shop for your CNY gifts at the Bazaar. Don't forget to stock up on gift sets to bless family or friends this Chinese New Year or to get items to beautify your houses!

11. Get serenaded by a live band

Besides that, be sure to check out the live band that will be performing all day to serenade you and your family!

12. Get your Feng Shui game on with a private session with Joey Yap

Joining this event is an excellent idea, especially if you have purchased a new house at Gamuda Land. Anyone interested in receiving Dato' Joey Yap's Feng Shui expertise and advice for the new year should sign up as soon as possible! But do note that this is only open to existing Gamuda Land friends so do contact your relationship associate or email them at [email protected] for more inquiries on this. 

He will advise you on the things to do during this auspicious period, and keep in mind that this small gathering will only be available to 40–50 individuals. 

Have an awesome time ushering in CNY at Gamuda Cove's Leap Of Happiness event which you can RSVP HERE! To keep updated with additional info or upcoming events, be sure to 'Like' Gamuda Cove’s Facebook page and 'Follow' their Instagram account.

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