WATCH: Woman Accuses Local Celebrities' Daughter Of Having Affair With Her Ex-Husband



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WATCH: Woman Accuses Local Celebrities' Daughter Of Having Affair With Her Ex-Husband

By JustineG

Recently, there has been a surge in news about extramarital affairs and individuals being exposed as home-wreckers. One particularly viral story on social media involves a woman named Misya, who shared the tale of her husband's affair with the daughter of two local celebrities.

Misya revealed that she had been in a relationship with her now ex-husband for seven years, with three of those years spent in marriage, and they had two young children together. The downfall of their marriage was attributed to a woman named Marissa Dania Hakim, who happens to be the daughter of local actress Abby Abdadi and actor Norman Hakim.

Misya disclosed that the affair had been ongoing for quite some time, which raised her suspicions, eventually leading her to uncover the truth. She even found a hotel booking receipt showing that her ex-husband and Marissa had checked into a hotel together. Additionally, Marissa offered an apology for her involvement once her actions were exposed.

This revelation shocked many, and some drew parallels between this scandal and Marissa's parents' relationship. Norman, Marissa's father, was previously involved in a high-profile cheating scandal with his now-wife and Marissa's stepmother, Memey Suhaiza.

In response to the controversy, Marissa's mother denied the allegations, and Norman issued a public apology to fans and netizens, expressing his regret for the recent controversy involving his 18-year-old daughter. Marissa herself came forward with the following statement:

"First of all, I take full responsibility for everything that has happened. My parents have given me the best upbringing. They educated me well, corrected me, and tried to prevent me from making these choices, but ultimately, the decisions were mine alone. Let me clean up my own mess, not my parents.

Secondly, I may not say much on my behalf. Explanation? Yes, but primarily to those directly involved, especially my family. I don't need to explain or seek approval from netizens. Netizens will only further vilify you because of what you see has happened. I've never been able to silence people. So, watch your words if you feel like speaking. Don't let defamation or insults be directed at others.

I admit I was wrong. What went viral and was said contains some truths, which I acknowledge, and there are also inaccuracies. But I'm not here to defend myself or satisfy anyone's curiosity. It's unfair to hear only one side of the story because the narrative presented is not 100% accurate. However, I don't need to convince everyone to appease their consciences. Between me and those who went viral, I have no connection with them.

All the statements released serve to inform the world that I am at fault, that I was the cause of breaking vows and the subsequent divorce. Between me and Aslam [her husband], there may be many assumptions about us, but it's enough that only Aslam and I know what actually happened between us. From the beginning until the end.

I'm guilty, and I admit it. The purpose of making this statement is to let you know that I won't issue any statements to defend myself or satisfy any party. Let me tell you something: Aslam and I didn't celebrate anything after they returned from court, as Umisya wrote on Twitter. What did we do that made her say we celebrated? One of the false things that went viral. Everyone will have different opinions on certain things but don't forget that everyone has the right to speak. And that includes me speaking for myself."

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