Better than IKEA | 6 Stores on TaoBao selling quality MUJI style Furniture



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Better than IKEA | 6 Stores on TaoBao selling quality MUJI style Furniture


Suitable furniture are hard to come by. You can shop for more than 10 furniture shops and still find nothing that fits your needs and room's design/style. And we understand that no one wants an "ok-lah~" coffee table or cabinet to be placed in their carefully planned house. Therefore, you need more options to help you source the "This is the ONE!" furniture!

Listing here are 6 of the best furniture store on TaoBao that sells amazing MUJI/wooden-made furniture that screams "Take my moneh~" 
(Remember to save it down for future use though)

# 1 # 木匠生活  Mu Jiang Sheng Huo 

If you have kids at home, or that you like some cute furniture, this is the place to go. It is so dreamy! They even have a princess bed!          

# 2 # mini more
The brand uses steels and woods in their furniture, giving these furniture a contemporary touch.    

# 3 # 创木工房 Chuang Mu Gong Fang

You can find various of wooden made decorative items here. Like the radio (actual usable one), phone deck, jewelry rack, etc.  

# 4 # ziihome

To me, the practicality of the furniture of this store is applaudable. Very chick, and functional.  

# 5 # 日出生活 Ri Chu Sheng Huo

They have ranges of furniture and decorative in wood, such as cabinets, chairs, trolley, wooden plates/trays.        

# 6 # 源氏木语 Yuan Shi Mu Yu

A more modern take on wooden furniture, with a very minimal and practical design.          

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