These 5 Masturbation Apps Empower Women To Explore Self-Love & Self-Pleasure



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These 5 Masturbation Apps Empower Women To Explore Self-Love & Self-Pleasure

By MJC97

Women, like every other human being, are sexual beings and sexuality is a way we experience and express ourselves, whether it is with other people or on our own. Unfortunately, masturbation often gets a bad reputation, but in reality, it is a completely normal way for us, women to explore ourselves, feel empowered and learn to love ourselves a little more. 

Through masturbation, we come to know how our body is capable of producing pleasure on its own and that it is mighty powerful if you ask me! It is yet another thing we do not have to rely on men or other people for, we pleasure ourselves and we can do everything else on our own too, isn't that empowering? 

Unfortunately, many women are still in the dark or not fully aware of the benefits and ways of masturbation. We are not sure what to do or what new things to try and we can't really ask anyone because, in case you didnt know, it is sort of a taboo topic, especially in Malaysian society.

But guess what? In this day and time, there seems to be an app for everything, yes masturbation for women included! So, if you want to feel empowered and explore the world of self-pleasure, here are some apps that can help you through your journey of self-discovery: 

#1 Kama

This app not only has a lot of educational content aimed at improving your solo time, but it also lays down various methods and tactics to try out with a partner. It also has videos on a variety of themes, like pre-sex exercises and squirting tutorials which are all made by experts and it is the only app that is completely free!  

Download now on the App Store or Google Play Store

#2 Ferly 

Besides providing you with some erotica, this app is all about educating you about your sexual wellness. It helps you deal with any issues you have with body confidence, anxiety, even trauma. Self-exploration is not only about self-pleasure but also about learning to love your body, be proud of it and be confident in your own skin, and that is exactly what this app wants to help you with.  
Educate yourself about sexual wellness by downloading this app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store

#3 Emjoy

Emjoy is all about SELF-LOVE! Besides providing you with some audios for sexytime, it also has wellness sessions that help you discover body acceptance, discover what you like and also overcome shame. It is a one-stop centre for you to learn everything you need to know about self-love!  

Learn to love yourself a little more every day by downloading this app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store

#4 &Jane

If you want an app that provides you with ethical and inclusive content that features stories from everyday women, then &Jane is the app for you. It has a wide selection of erotica featuring the voices and sex-positive stories of everyday women, plus you can even upload your own stories if you want to! &Jane makes masturbation feel like something elegant with their real and compelling stories.  

Unfortunately, &Jane is only available in the Apple Store at the moment. 

#5 Coral

While coral is actually an app for couples, you can also use it when you're alone and thinking of exploring your body on your own.  With content like guided exercises and educational resources that are highly tailored and vetted by industry experts, you get to learn how to be intimate with yourself so that you can treat yourself a little better and be a better partner to your significant other.  

Download Coral now on the Apple Store or Google Play Store

Have you tried any masturbation or sexual wellness apps that have helped you with self-love and self-acceptance? Tell us in the comments section, women need to empower each other! 

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