SO CUTE! Malaysian Family Wears Hello Kitty, Ben 10 and even Captain America Themed Baju Raya



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SO CUTE! Malaysian Family Wears Hello Kitty, Ben 10 and even Captain America Themed Baju Raya

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

One of the biggest challenges of Raya is picking a baju raya that suits everyone's tastes. Most of the time there's always that one family member who is never happy with the colour or design of the baju raya and they aren't afraid to show it. They go on and on about how much they hate it and that just spoils everyone's mood! 

In this Malaysian family, that is not the case at all. They let their children choose the theme and everyone in the family happily wears their outfit, no matter what the theme is. 

A TikTok video posted by username Kakak Hello Kitty shared a series of photos of her family's Hello Kitty themed baju raya since the year 2015! That's right, everyone in the family has been wearing Hello Kitty themed outfits for Raya since 2015. Wow, we respect their dedication!  

Just because it's Hello Kitty it doesn't mean that all their outfits are pink, there are pink ones but also orange, blue and yellow! Each year the cloth is sewn into beautiful looking kebayas or baju kurungs or even long gowns for the women and shirts or baju Melayus for the husband. That is so creative!  

While you'd expect them to look tacky, they just look so mesmerizing, eye-catching and truly one of a kind!

Yus Afina Zawizah spoke to local media recently about her family's themed baju raya and she said it all started because her daughter is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan! She even mentioned that her husband, a police officer, is very supportive and is not shy to wear his Hello Kitty baju Melayu. That's so sweet! Guys, take note! 

Watch the video here:

@founderputehjeliyta Raya ni rasa macam Tak sedia nak Beraya... #rayajadi #raya2022 #ikuttrend #nofyp #fypシ゚viral Jom Balik Beraya_TigeBadek - Zee5

After having a new child, they had to widen their baju raya theme to also include the other child's interest so, they had a Captain America themed baju raya in 2021 and this year, she posted a video of her entire family in green Ben 10 themed outfits and we must say that they look amazing!  

What was your family's baju raya theme this year? Leave your answers in the comments sections, and include photos too if you want to! We'd love to see what you guys wore for Raya this year! 

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