Crayon Shin-chan Has An Uncle?! Here’s What We Know About Him



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Crayon Shin-chan Has An Uncle?! Here’s What We Know About Him

1 Week ago
By Pineapplesz

Shin-chan's uncle is finally making his appearance. Semashi Nohara, the man who only appeared in the manga is debuting in the animation and he is nothing like his brother, Hiroshi. Semashi is Hiroshi's 40-year-old older brother who looks exactly like him. A man of little emotions and is not very smart.  

Semashi means stingy and his name is definitely on brand. Known to be a miser, he once hitchhiked to Kasukabe, Shin-chan's home city instead of taking the train because he wanted to cut costs.

The brothers don't really get along very well with each other. Semashi lives in the countryside with his parents, working as a farmer in the field.  

Shin-chan's stingy uncle will make his first appearance in the "Nohara-san to Monogatari ~ Okurete Kita Semashi SP ~" episode airing on 6 August.

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