【News】Muslim girl's beloved Piggy Plush transformed in a Catfish overnight by her Mom's magic hand



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Muslim girl's beloved Piggy Plush transformed in a Catfish overnight by her Mom's magic hand

xweienx   |   Oct 13, 2021, 10:52   |   229

When it comes to birthday gifts, it's always hard. Is this suitable for the person's gender? Will the person like it? Well, this viral TikTok shows an unforgettable birthday gift experience.


While out with her friends, a Muslim girl was asked to pick a gift for her 21st birthday. She then proceeded to choose a plush toy in the shape of a pig. (In case you didn't know, pigs and pork are considered taboo according to the religion)

Her friends did hint her that the plush toy looks like a pig in hope that she will reconsider, but apparently, it was love at first sight!


When she brought it home, she was immediately requested by her mom to get rid of the toy, but as any 21 year old would do, she ignore her mom.

When she came back from work the next day is when things got interesting. The pig plush toy had turned into...a catfish?! Turns out, the mom cut off the snout and ears and sewed it shut. 


Netizens praised the mom for her creativity and I can't say I disagree! People also started sharing about many Muslim friends being quite open minded, having affection for dogs (also a taboo) and the pigs from "Angry Birds".

Here's the full video:

Whatever it is, I hope that she's still happy with her gift that her friends got her. At the end of the day, it's the though that counts!


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