Acne Problem? Don't ignore these WARNINGS from your body! What is your acne telling you about your body?



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Acne Problem? Don't ignore these WARNINGS from your body! What is your acne telling you about your body?


Yes! Acne tells you how's your body doing. 
Although acne problems is commonly known as a skin problem. An extensive range of products out there are targeting at this particular problem, like Oxy, La Roche-Posay, Eucerin Pro-Acne, etc. But some may find that this frustrating little red spot still exists even after the use of anti-acne products, if this is the case, then it might be an alert from your body that you must not ignore!

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, face is referred as "The window to your health". Acne on different face areas also means that certain parts of your body is not doing very well and urgently need your attention.

Here's a breakdown of different face zone's acne and it's meaning behind :-

#Upper Forehead

Upper forehead is directly linked to your digestive system, the large intestines and bladder. When you got a poor digestive system, it means that your body is having troubles to breaking down food and there may be a large buildup of toxins. 

Suggestions : Have more antioxidant rich food, such as green teas, lemon water, berries, etc.  

#Lower Forehead

Lower forehead is linked to your mind and spirit status. Having pimples popping out in this areas may be because of stress, depression, irregular sleeping patterns, bad blood circulation, etc. 

Suggestions : Get more rest and carry out de-stress activities  

#Eye brows

Eye brows acne is usually cause by intake of high-fat level diet or too much alcohol. 

Suggestions : Avoid high-fat level diet and alcohol, and you will be fine.  


Pimples on nose may be caused by blood pressure and stress, as the nose is linked to your heart.

Suggestions : Same as Lower Forehead, destress and rest.  

#Right Cheek

Right cheek is linked to lungs. Having pimples in this areas might be because of allergies, respiratory stress and smoking.

Suggestions : Stop smoking if can or valid. And avoid smoking areas.  

#Left Cheek

You might be thinking right cheek = right lungs, left cheek = left lungs la! You are wrong! In fact, left cheek is linked to liver! Breakouts in left cheeks means that your sleep habit is not healthy, like staying up late.

Suggestions : Sleeps early, before 11pm would be the best!

#Mouth and center of Chin

Slightly similar to Upper forehead, this zone is linked to stomach and small intestines. Pimples in this are may be because of too much fast food intakes, or constipation.

Suggestions : Fresh and High fiber food is definitely a "green" good idea!  

#Sides of Chin

Thinking it might be similar to the center? Nope! The sides of chin is linked with the reproductive organs and kidney. Breakout in this area is often associated with menstrual cycle in women, or hormonal imbalance, or kidney is overworking, like when you under extreme stress.

Suggestions : Relek-lah~  


Now these are real pain in the ***! I mean ears. Ears are linked to your kidney. And when pimples are popping out in that area, it means that your body is not taking in enough water, or too much caffeine and salt.

Suggestions : Simply drink more water, not coffee! And some kidney detox can be in line as well.  

In conclusion, more vege, more water, more rest, and less stress, less fat, less alcohol. You will be just fine!  

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