GIVEAWAY: Queen Of Brightening - SK-II Genoptics Ultraura Essence



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GIVEAWAY: Queen Of Brightening - SK-II Genoptics Ultraura Essence


If you are looking for a skincare product that can naturally brighten up your skin tone with a glowing effect, you are in the right place! 

The new SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence is the Queen of Brightening! In just 2 months' time, you will witness the transformation of your skin, from a lady to a goddess.
This madly reviewed brightening essence embodied the signature ingredient of SK-II - PITERA™ which is enriched with more than 50 micro-nutrients to treat your skin's condition to crystal clear skin. Mixing with a powerful brightening active - De-Melano P3C® that has an amazing effect on reducing skin dullness and dark spots. Together with Prunus Extract that helps prevent dullness, the SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence is THE ultimate brightening agent.
It is recommended to apply 1 full drop of the serum after toner and before moisturiser, 2 times a day (morning and night). 

Once applied, you will see that your skin tone instantly becomes lighter. 

In 2 weeks, your skin's yellowness will be lessened. 

In 4 weeks, you will start seeing the glow on your skin. 

And in 8 weeks, you will see that your skin illuminates from the inside out, giving you that goddess aura.
SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence does not just brighten your skin surface, but it clears out all the dullness across skin layers while keeping your skin young, smooth and plumped. 

To date, this "Little Light Bulb" has been awarded 31 beauty awards and has received countless positive reviews from fellow beauty bloggers and users, proving that the SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence is indeed effective.

SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence comes in 3 sizes: 30ml (SP: RM670 on Sephora), 50ml (SP: RM1000 on Sephora), and 75ml (SP: RM1330 on Isetan). 

But...lucky for you, Goody! is giving away one bottle of SK-II Genoptics Altraura Essence to ONE lucky winner. Head over to our Instagram to find out more. 

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