#ProudToBeMalaysian: Heartwarming Moments Of M‘sians Helping Each Other



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#ProudToBeMalaysian: Heartwarming Moments Of M‘sians Helping Each Other

By Ayunie

Ever since the #BenderaPutih movement was launched, we keep seeing a rapid emergence of good samaritans going out of their way to make ever cry for aid is being tended to and truthfully speaking, we have never been this proud to be Malaysians. 

1. This kind Malaysian Duo donating supplies to their neighborhood's food bank corner

2.  Anonymous samaritan setting up a lockdown kit Instagram account for those in need

3. A restaurant owner providing free food with a heartwarming caption

4. A generous family from Sungai Besar, Selangor donated 200 rice packets and RM 1000 cash to the needy

5. This kind-hearted uncle who offers free food to whoever needs it 

6. Another kind samaritan donating free food at a local shop 

There are many more examples like this that truly showcase the lengths Malaysians would go for to help their fellow brothers and sisters in distress. Despite the decaying reality that all Malaysians are facing at the moment— humanity still prevails, alive and well; it is absolutely inspiring to be a part of a community that's always ready to lend a hand in spite of the differences. This goes to show that at its very core, Malaysians are all good people at heart. 

Do check out our Instagram post if you feel driven to contribute as well. Every bit helps. Stay safe, folks!

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