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Verbena Linn Hand Cream For Only RM19!

xweienx   |   Jun 11, 2021, 10:55   |   43

In the age where we're using hand sanitizers as often as we're drinking water, some of us are starting to feel our hands getting drier. That's a big no no, so today, we're introducing a popular hand cream that is totally within the budget of the #GirlOnABudget!


If the long white tubes and funny kitty cat picture looks familiar, then you've probably seen it making its rounds on social media. It is the influencer popularized brand - Verbena Linn, and this is their Lunar Eclipse hand cream series!


This great looking hand cream contains niacinamide, squalane, and cantella asiatica, which provides deep moisturizing effects and restores the skin's oil and water balance.


At the same time, the hand cream is not sticky and can be easily spread over the skin. It does not feel heavy or thick on the skin but is enough to provide simple protection to wrinkles.


Since Verbena Linn products started from a baby body wash company, you can be sure they're safe for the skin. Users of their products also know that the smell is something Verbena Linn can be proud of!


There are a total of 5 scents to choose from:

- Anans Fizz

- Pine Mine

- Peach Mountain

- Willow Song

- Vintage Rose


If you plan to get your hands on a Verbena Linn hand cream, you can get them on shopee now at just RM18.90. That's a bang for you buck! So, what are you waiting for?


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