Student In Huge Debt After Lending Dad Clients Money & Couldn't Pay Back; Dad Retires & Expects Them To Repay



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Student In Huge Debt After Lending Dad Clients Money & Couldn't Pay Back; Dad Retires & Expects Them To Repay


There are various types of parents, ranging from affluent to less prosperous, strict to carefree, and benevolent to deceitful. No matter their nature, parents are an integral part of life, inseparable regardless of their characteristics.

An individual recently shared a poignant story about their parents on Twitter, eliciting a range of responses from fellow users.

The narrative harks back to their student days, originating from a B40 family that relied on Zakat aid during their studies. However, this assistance fell short of covering all expenses. Undaunted by the financial hurdles, they ventured into personal shopping to make ends meet.

Yet, their path towards financial stability took an unexpected twist when their father discovered their part-time work. He requested a loan to address sundry household expenses, encompassing rent and bills. With assurances of repayment, the appeal resonated with the student's compassion, leading them to assist despite the inner turmoil of diverting funds provided by customers. Regrettably, time revealed a different outcome as the father failed to fulfil his promise of repayment.

Subsequently, their client labelled them as scammers since they were unable to reimburse the sum they had covertly lent to their father. 

As time progressed, the student became entangled in a dilemma. Despite securing a job with a salary exceeding their peers', they remained incapable of fully compensating the customers they unintentionally disappointed.

Compounded by being the sole provider in the family after both parents' retirement following their own employment, the student grappled with the onerous task of supporting the family while repaying the debt.

The weight of their commitments and unredeemed pledges cast a pall over their daily life, fostering sentiments of culpability and sustained anxiety.

The individual then endeavours to convey a message to all parents and guardians: support your children's aspirations without heaping excessive burdens upon them. However, this sentiment does not find unanimous agreement among netizens.
Many point out that using customer funds for personal gain is an unforgivable misstep. 

One individual questions the rationale behind the parents' retirement, suggesting it's inappropriate if it's primarily to shift responsibility to the child. Others also scrutinize the parents' attitudes.
Another user advises prioritizing self-interest before others, even in family and friendship dynamics. This, they argue, ensures personal protection and precludes the urge to blame others when situations sour.

Several netizens recommend that the individual should rectify matters with their parents, either through setting boundaries or relocating from home.

What do you think of this? Let us know. 

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