SHOCKING: "You Stole My Money!" Foreigner In Malaysia Falsely Accused Of Stealing 800 USD By Stranger He Helped Out In Putrajaya



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SHOCKING: "You Stole My Money!" Foreigner In Malaysia Falsely Accused Of Stealing 800 USD By Stranger He Helped Out In Putrajaya

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

You know how helping people is just a natural part of being human? Well, that's exactly what this foreigner did when they were at the Minister Of Affairs. The OP shared their experience of travelling from KL to Putrajaya to have their educational certificates attested. While there, they encountered a Mainland Chinese PhD student who was struggling with the process of entering the foreign ministry. 

In a gesture of goodwill, the OP assisted the student throughout the process simply because they wanted to be helpful. To repay their kindness, the student offered the OP a ride back to KL since they lived nearby. As they set off, the OP decided to treat the student to dinner as a gesture of appreciation, which the student accepted.  

Before heading to dinner, the student wanted to stop by his house to drop off his laptop and other belongings from his car. As they helped the student carry his things, it started to rain, prompting the student to invite the OP to wait inside while he took a quick shower. 

During this time, the OP sat in the living room alone as no one else was home. When the student returned from his shower, he mentioned going downstairs to retrieve something from his friend and returned after 5 minutes. The OP had a drone with them and wanted to take a shot of them standing on the balcony, but unfortunately, it crashed during the attempt. So, both of them rushed downstairs to retrieve it, and after 15 minutes of searching, they finally found it.

Days later, OP received a DM on Instagram from the student, accusing them of stealing 800 USD and threatening to involve the police if the money was not returned. The student claimed that OP was the only person at his house when the money went missing and insisted that OP return it.

In response to the accusations, OP visited the Sri Petaling Police Station, where both parties provided statements and were subsequently taken to Police Headquarters for further questioning. Despite efforts to resolve the matter at the police station, no resolution was reached.

OP noted inconsistencies in the student's story, including changes in the amount of money claimed to be missing. Additionally, the student failed to provide evidence of the alleged theft, such as the CCTV footage. OP expressed willingness to support the investigation and emphasised caution when interacting with strangers.

As of now, OP has filed two police reports, and a lawyer has offered legal support. The investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.

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