SHOCKING: "It's Mine & She Stole It!" Local Woman Infuriated When Her Sister-In-Law 'Stole' Her Future Child‘s Name



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SHOCKING: "It's Mine & She Stole It!" Local Woman Infuriated When Her Sister-In-Law 'Stole' Her Future Child‘s Name

By JustineG

Would you mind if someone stole the name you wanted to give to your future child? 

When anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the foremost tasks for parents is selecting a name. Modern parents often lean towards unique names with positive meanings. Recently, a woman took to social media to express her sentiments on this matter. 

Posting on X platform, she recounted an incident involving her and her pregnant sister-in-law. Their due dates were closely aligned, with the woman due next week and her sister-in-law the following month. However, her sister-in-law underwent an emergency C-section prematurely. 

During a visit, the sister-in-law asked about baby names, and while the woman stepped away momentarily for prayers, she was surprised to find her sister-in-law holding her phone. Later, her sister-in-law announced the baby's name in the family WhatsApp group, coincidentally the same name the woman had chosen for her future child, Zayyan Bariq. 

This discovery prompted her husband to check the call log, revealing no incoming calls during the visit. Though her husband wished to confront his sister, he refrained due to his wife's recent childbirth.

Seeking opinions, the woman questioned whether her irritation towards her sister-in-law was justified. Netizens shared varied reactions, with some empathizing given the woman's seven-year struggle with conception. 

Others recounted similar experiences and advised the woman to stand firm on her chosen name. While tensions arose, some netizens believed having two children with the same name wouldn't pose an issue, citing personal experiences.

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