SHOCKING: "I Want To Quit My Job!" 25-Year-Old Sexually Harassed As Co-Workers Claims She Has 'BJ' Lips



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SHOCKING: "I Want To Quit My Job!" 25-Year-Old Sexually Harassed As Co-Workers Claims She Has 'BJ' Lips

By JustineG

Over the past year, numerous incidents of workplace sexual harassment have surfaced, highlighting a pervasive issue. Here's yet another distressing account, as a 25-year-old woman shares her ordeal anonymously on NGL. 

Having recently joined a new company, she reveals feeling profoundly uncomfortable due to the inappropriate behaviour of her male co-workers.

In her post, she details how these colleagues have subjected her to unwarranted labels and discussions, particularly targeting her natural feature of having full lips. Disturbingly, these male co-workers often make sexually suggestive comments, insinuating that her lips must be adept at certain activities. Feeling increasingly uncomfortable, she is contemplating resigning from her job.

Concerned netizens have offered advice, suggesting she take action by reporting the harassment to her company's human resources or involving law enforcement. Some have emphasized the urgency of addressing the issue promptly to prevent escalation into physical assault. Furthermore, there is a consensus among these supporters that she should meticulously document any evidence for her safety.

We hope she gathers the courage to make that move. 

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