WATCH: Man Attends Ex-GF's Wedding In Disguise, Leaving Her Parents Sad



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WATCH: Man Attends Ex-GF's Wedding In Disguise, Leaving Her Parents Sad

2 Weeks ago
By Grace Sundram

In a recent, widely shared TikTok video by @encik_dobi, a man dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle attends a wedding ceremony.

It seems that the man is celebrating his ex-girlfriend's wedding; in which they dated for seven years before calling it quits.

Even though he was wearing a disguise, he made the motion of wiping his eyes while posing with the bride.

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The bride's parents were surprised when they realised who the person hiding behind the disguise was especially the bride's father, who had a sad expression on his face.

In the comments section, many users have expressed their anguish. Some have said that whoever receives this father's blessing is very fortunate since he knows who the right person is for his child.

Several others questioned why their ex didn't do this for them instead of cursing them through black magic till they were so sick they were unable to work.

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Grace Sundram

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