Here Are The BEST & WORST Korean Brands According To Skincare Specialist Hyram



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Here Are The BEST & WORST Korean Brands According To Skincare Specialist Hyram

By ellephant

Korean skincare has been all the craze. From affordable prices to amazing ingredient lists and extremely quick outcomes, it is no doubt anyone who's anyone has attempted a brand or two. 

Taking to YouTube, skincare specialist Hyram ranked the best and worst Korean skincare based on experience. 

Controversially falling into the 'utter disappointment pile' were brands like Laneige, Keep Cool, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and Amore Pacific, for reasons such as ingredients, fragrance, price as well as ethics. 

However, he did have a top 3 which made it into the 'absolutely obsessed' pile, and we thought we'd list them down. 

#1 Rovectin Clean  

Recommended: Lotus Water Cream (moisturizer), Aqua Soothing UV Protector SPF 50++ PA (sunscreen)

Price: RM47-RM50 (each)

Suitable: Oily/combination skin

Brand plus points: Lightweight, fragrance-free, good ingredient list

#2 Krave Beauty  

Recommended: Great Barrier Relief (serum)

Price: RM120-RM130

Brand plus points: Incredible formulas and philosophy

#3 Isntree  

Recommended: Green Tea Fresh Toner (toner)

Price: RM38-RM40

Brand plus-points: Non-sensitizing and non-irritating formulas, affordable

All great investments for greater skin, so why not, right?

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