9 Must-Dos To Ensure You Have A Good Month Ahead



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9 Must-Dos To Ensure You Have A Good Month Ahead

By ellephant

We live day to day just trying to get through life. Sometimes it gets really hard and makes us question if this whole living thing is worth doing after all. 

However, there is in fact ways in which we can practice as means to have good days ahead. 

Rallying up the top 9 things you just must do every month, check out all the tips we have to live a happier, much more content life. 


1. Have 1 lunch date with a friend

2. Have 1 day where you're off social media for 24 hours

3. Spend 1 day outdoors

4. Spend 1 night out with friends

5. Have 1 date night (even if it's just with yourself)

6. Have 1 breakfast meet up with friends

7. Have 1 movie night

8. Spend 1 day serving others

9. Have 1 day completely to yourself


Do a one month trial and see for yourself if you're more content with life. 

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