WATCH: Skilful Young Boy Goes Viral For Upgrading His Bicycle Aesthetics Using Motorcycle Body Parts



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WATCH: Skilful Young Boy Goes Viral For Upgrading His Bicycle Aesthetics Using Motorcycle Body Parts

By storyteller24

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A video depicting an 11-year-old kid who modified his bicycle to resemble a motorcycle using Yamaha Y15ZR (YSuku) body parts has gone viral, earning the boy compliments from netizens.

In a short video posted on TikTok by, the boy can be seen talking to the video creator, explaining that he had earlier used RXZ body parts on his bicycle and then switched to YSuku after it was involved in an accident.

original sound - Haizul

"The previous one was an RXZ. After it got into an accident, I switched to the Ysuku," the school kid said while holding his helmet.

When asked about his ambition, the child proudly announced that he wanted to become a truck driver and go to work riding the Ysuku. The creator then advised him to be the boss of truck drivers.

On whether anyone had criticised his modified bicycle, the child said it was normal to have few criticisms about it. In response, the video creator advised the boy to ignore these sorts of people. Also, in the video, a passerby stopped to take a picture of the customised bicycle.

The video posted two days ago has been viewed more than 3.9 million times and counting, with more than 5,300 comments on TikTok, and was shared by more than 32,000 users.

The netizens on TikTok lauded his creativity. He received compliments from TikTok user @kingjebon, who said: "Excellent... You are a very creative little kid. When you grow up, you should go to the vocational school and create something useful."

Another user with the handle @MummyHaini said: "Great kid, creative."

TikTok user @Dak_atinMelaka commented: "I do not mind what you are doing, kid, as long as you prioritise safety. Make sure to wear a helmet. Well done."

Meanwhile, another TikTok user, @SayapIlusi, reminiscing about his old days, said: "I remember back in the early 2000s, we used to attach RXZ parts to BMX bicycles."

TikTok user @SugarApple_8488, in confusion, said: "Is that a motorbike or a bicycle?"

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