WATCH: "Kompang, Lion Dance, Urumi Melam" Malay Wedding Ceremony Celebrated By Three Ethnic Groups



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WATCH: "Kompang, Lion Dance, Urumi Melam" Malay Wedding Ceremony Celebrated By Three Ethnic Groups

3 Days ago

Typically, a Malay wedding is accompanied by the rhythmic beating of the kompang, but a recent TikTok video that went viral showcased a unique wedding where a Malay couple was celebrated by three different ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese, and Indian.

In a post by @mizieayu8878, the bride and groom were seen adorned with flower garlands typically used by the Indian community. They stood outside the wedding hall, welcomed by the beat of the kompang and a silat performance from the Malay community.

Before entering the hall, the couple and their family were greeted by a lion dance performed by the Chinese community.

Inside the hall, the celebration continued with a group of Indian men playing the 'urumi melam' drums. The rhythmic beats prompted the groom to dance along with the other guests.

This wedding ceremony was truly extraordinary and vibrant, setting it apart from typical Malay wedding celebrations.

The comments section was filled with netizens who were moved by the scene and proud to be part of Malaysia's multi-ethnic society.

Additionally, one individual mentioned that the groom has both Chinese and Indian heritage.

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