The New AirPods Patent Is So Cool, But People Are Not Happy With It



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The New AirPods Patent Is So Cool, But People Are Not Happy With It


AirPods is having a new "face"?! Kudos!

According to Patently Apple, a US Patent & Trademark Office for Apple has redesigned the AirPods charging case. The Apple earbuds were given an interactive display which allows media control and even some app functions.
The New AirPods Function 

With the touchscreen display that is rumoured to be similar to Apple Watch, the new AirPods is no longer just a charging case. Users can now control their media player without the need of having an iPhone or other device nearby. 

Based on the patent description and sketches, users can access Maps, Weather, notifications and other basic apps on the new AirPods. They can also switch between apps using Siri commands. 

Transferring songs from AirPods to HomePod using Handoff is also possible as shown in one of the sketches released.
Twitter: We Want Something Else!

Although the new AirPods might look cool and has better functions, however not everyone is appreciating the design. 

One on Twitter highlighted that having a lasting battery is crucial, while some think it is impractical as they drop their case very often.

Few other users feel that the new AirPod is similar to the discontinued iPod and the only difference is that it is now wireless.

So what do you think of this new AirPods patent? Is it practical? Or do you prefer the improvements in its basic function?

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