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Shopee Scam Alert! 5 Tactics You Need To Watch Out For:

Ayunie   |   Oct 18, 2021, 12:26   |   80

Scammers are known to orchestrate various tactics to fool their potential victims, and recent cases in Malaysia are mostly involving customers from Shopee; one of the biggest online shopping platforms in Malaysia. 


To avoid being their next victim, here are a few well-known Shopee scam tactics that have been detected and warned by the Shopee team themselves Take a look: 

#1  Bank Details Scam


Modus Operandi: You'll get a text informing you of a confirmed transaction through an e-commerce website, and that your bank account information has "reportedly" been stolen. 

What You Should Do: Ignore. Or, if you do happen to have the bank account in question, contact your bank representatives for confirmation. 

#2 Payment Scam


Modus Operandi: Alluring you with attractive vouchers/giveaways/prizes etc in order to trick you into making a payment. Other tactics include:

• Informing you of an outstanding payment and then demands you to pay

• Sending you a message asking for your OTP (one-time-password) in order to verify your purchase

What You Should Do: Keep in mind that all authorized interactions between a seller and a buyer are done via Shopee's in-app chat feature. Other forms of communication should be avoided.  

#3 Stolen Account Scam


Modus Operandi: Scammer redirects you to a fake Shopee website that looks exactly like the official platform as a trick to retrieve your personal details.

What You Should Do: Stick to official Shopee channels when it comes to any announcements or campaigns. If it doesn't come from the official Shopee platform, it's most likely a scam. 

#4 Parcel Scam


Modus Operandi: Scammers will send you a text informing you of an uncollected parcel, and that you're required to pay some charges if you wish to retrieve your goods. 

What You Should Do: In any scenario, you should cross-check your orders under the "My Purchases" tab. If it doesn't add up, simply ignore it. 

# Private Message Scam


Modus Operandi: Scammers will send you a private message, asking you to vote for them in a campaign. They'll then offer you free vouchers in return. To get the free vouchers, you'll be asked to send them your personal details. 

What You Should Do: Bear in mind that Shopee vouchers are only available on their official platforms, and nowhere else. 

One key point that can be taken from all of these tactics is that, you should always perform your transactions as well as operate any interaction between you and your seller through official Shopee platforms. Anything other than that is most likely a scam. Spread this information to your loved ones so they can be aware too!

Source: Shopee


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