Here's How You Can Report Reckless Driver With MyJPJ App



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Here's How You Can Report Reckless Driver With MyJPJ App


One of the most anticipated apps that Malaysian driver has been longing for a long long time is definitely an app that allows you to report a traffic offender! How we wished we could "punish" those cut-queue people or reckless drivers for their wrongdoings.

Good news guys! If you haven't realised it, the MyJPJ app is equipped with a traffic offender reporting function. Here's how you can lodge a report on the MyJPJ app.

However, if you are driving alone, it is best to install a dashcam to record the incident. Why? Well, you don't want to be caught by another driver that you are on your phone right?

If you wonder how much are the charges for the offences are, check out here:-

Anyway, this app is definitely helpful when it comes to making sure everyone is driving responsibly and safely. Me Likey~ 

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