Twitter User Claims Fuel Syphoned From Car In Singapore



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Twitter User Claims Fuel Syphoned From Car In Singapore

By storyteller24

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A Twitter user with the handle @syahmiAzhari shared a post in which he alleged that his fuel had been syphoned, showing that the lid of his fuel tank and car boot were left open during his visit to Singapore.

The post gained significant attention, with 1.3 million views and 4,873 retweets so far. It was believed that the culprit used a syphoning tool to extract five to 10 litres of petrol directly from the fuel tank. However, whether the perpetrator was a Singaporean or a foreigner is still unclear.

The photograph attached to the post, which was uploaded four days ago, sparked mixed reactions from netizens who expressed their disapproval in the comment section.

One of the comments said: "What a first-world country", while another called Singaporeans "cheapskates".

Many however, also questioned why surveillance cameras did not detect the culprit's actions. User @irfannaushir suggested that the car owner could have forgotten to close the fuel tank lid, allowing the petrol to evaporate under the scorching sun.

Others speculated that the car's design flaws might have made it easier for the culprit to access the fuel tank.

A photograph posted by the car owner shows a surveillance camera, and Netizens urged the car owner to file a report with the police and request that they inspect the footage to identify the culprit.

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