Dad Forces 11yo Gaming Addict Son To Play For 17 Hours As Punishment



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Dad Forces 11yo Gaming Addict Son To Play For 17 Hours As Punishment


Being a parent is one of the hardest occupations in the world.  You can have s million guides in the world, but you would never know which one suits your family best. 

A father from Shenzhen, China forces his gaming-addicted son to keep playing mobile games for 17 hours as a punishment for his behaviour. The son was not allowed to sleep and had to keep playing other than eating and finishing his homework.

The father came home from supper at 1 am in the morning and spotted his son still up and playing mobile games. The father didn't stop his son but allowed him to continue, with one condition, which is that he is not allowed to sleep. 

The father asked the son to stay home and called the school to excuse him from school in order to make sure he can play his game with "peace".  

12 hours of playing later, the son starts feeling tired and fell asleep. The father woke him up and asked him to continue playing right away. The son starts struggling as he's sleep deprived. 

After having his meal, the son continues to do his homework and then, his father asked him to continue playing again. At that time, he has not slept for 34 hours. The grandmother then stopped the "marathon" and let her grandson finally sleeps.

According to the father, the son could not focus in class as he often stayed up late playing his mobile games. He is worried for his son which is why he decided to give his son a lesson. 

The father claims that the son has been performing well at school, and is active in outdoor sports. Therefore, he decided to take a slightly extreme measure. Despite that, he does not encourage other parents to do the same as he understands that his son is in good health to be put in the situation. 

The son eventually understands his mistake and promised his dad to change. And he even signed an agreement for it. 

Share with us what you think of this. Is it too much or just nice? 

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