Neckties Are A Sign Of The Christian Cross, Says Taliban Leader



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Neckties Are A Sign Of The Christian Cross, Says Taliban Leader


A senior Afghan Taliban official, Mohammad Hashim Shaheed Wror, stated that neckties worn by men symbolize the Christian cross and should be eliminated. He mentioned witnessing Afghan Muslim professionals, like engineers and doctors, wearing neckties, and he believes this practice contradicts Islamic principles. 

According to the Senior Afghan Taliban official, Islamic teachings require breaking and eliminating the tie, as it represents the cross.

Since the Taliban's takeover in August 2021, they have not enforced any specific dress rules for men, but women are required to wear a hijab in public. While casual Western attire has become less common in Afghanistan, some professionals and TV newsreaders continue to wear collars and ties.

While everyone is commenting on the story shared by FMT, a M'sian individual curiously wonders when local religious conservatives will join in on this particular conversation.

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