"I Kept Apologizing To Them," Malay Man & Police Men Sacrifice Berbuka Time To Help Chinese Woman Change Tyre On The Road



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"I Kept Apologizing To Them," Malay Man & Police Men Sacrifice Berbuka Time To Help Chinese Woman Change Tyre On The Road

2 Weeks ago

A Chinese woman, while driving to make a delivery, lost control of her car after apparently hitting an unidentified object. Luckily, personnel from her insurance company arrived promptly, and two passing police officers also lent a helping hand to change her car tyre. Despite this causing a delay in their breaking of fast, these three compassionate Muslims showed no resentment, deeply touching the woman.


The Chinese woman recounted how on the 23rd of last month, while driving along the North-South Expressway, her car suddenly lost control after hitting an unidentified object. She managed to bring the car to a stop on the emergency lane.

"I called the insurance company to inspect the condition of my car and change the tyre and they sent a Malay staff to assist. A passing patrol car saw what was happening and stopped, and two Malay police officers got out to help."


She mentioned that the police officers also helped to flag down other road users to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Additionally, the insurance company staff member accidentally scratched his arm on the road surface while changing the tyre.

"Even though it was already past 7 p.m., and it was during the fasting month, they still accompanied me until the tyre was changed, showing great professionalism."


She noted that the entire process took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. She kept apologizing for delaying the breaking of fast for the three individuals involved, but they continuously reassured her that it was okay.

Malaysians are indeed beautiful!

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