McDonald’s New Toys - 8 Doraemon Toys starting from today!



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McDonald’s New Toys - 8 Doraemon Toys starting from today!


Doraemon fans, eyes up here! McDonald’s Happy Meal is launching a new Doraemon toys collection, and it's super CUTE!

In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration of Doraemon, McDonald's is bringing you 8 amazing Doraemon-in-science-and-imagination world toys.  

All the 8 toys will be given out at different time : 

27/8 - Magnetic Doodle! Doraemon Drawing Board  &  Metal Detector! Doraemon Smile

03/9 - Amazing Reflection! Anywhere Door  &  Repellent Magnet! Doraemon and Mii chan

10/9 - Copter Cogs! The Hopter  &  Pressure Bellow! Air Cannon

17/9 - Wind Power! Turbine Tower  &  Gears Swirl! Time Machine  

The toys are available for all Happy Meal and you can order through McDelivery, Drive-Thru or Takeaway.

Mark you calendar down now! You won't want to missed out this Ang Ang Ang!  

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