Malaysian Employee Upset As Colleagues Employ "Resignation Letter" Strategy For Salary Increase



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Malaysian Employee Upset As Colleagues Employ "Resignation Letter" Strategy For Salary Increase

By sleepingbeauty

In a recent Facebook post, an employee expressed dissatisfaction with his colleagues who allegedly obtained salary increments by "throwing resignation letters" at their boss, leaving him feeling unfairly treated. Despite his dedicated work, he claimed he has not received any salary raise.

According to the anonymous Facebook post, several of his colleagues have successfully negotiated salary increments by resorting to the "throwing letters" method. 

He lamented that whenever they "throw a letter," the boss immediately grants them a raise, resulting in higher salaries than his own.

The employee questioned whether he should also resort to such a tactic to secure a salary increment, despite his daily hard work and achievements being recognized at a slower rate.

"Why doesn't the company automatically reward those who contribute more? This makes me feel unappreciated for my efforts," he questioned.

Malaysian netizens offered advice, suggesting negotiation as an alternative approach. If the company fails to offer a salary adjustment after negotiations, they are encouraged to consider other opportunities.

"It depends on whether the company responds to this approach."

"Personally, I don't automatically demand a raise or promotion. I leave when I feel deserving of a higher position or salary."

In conclusion, employees seeking a salary increase may consider engaging in open discussions with their employers, as unexpected outcomes may arise from such conversations.

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