FWB vs Sneaky Link: We Have Broken It All Down For You!



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FWB vs Sneaky Link: We Have Broken It All Down For You!

By Ayunie

If you feel like you can't keep up with the current lingos of the internet, you're certainly not alone in that boat. But fret not! We'll help you one internet term at a time. Today, let's look further into Friends With Benefits and its wilder cousin, Sneaky Link. While you may have heard of FWB before, you might be a little puzzled about the latter. 

Well, we're here to explain that. Let's go: 


Friends With Benefits?

It's when two platonic individuals choose to engage in sexual activities without jeopardizing the dynamic of their friendship. No romance involved and no strings attached-- friends with benefits are able to be sexually attracted to each other without being romantically involved with one another. 

No clue on how to navigate? Here are a few tips on how to keep it casual with your FWB. 

Sneaky link?

It adopts a similar concept as FWB, except no friendship is involved, or any kind of relationship for that matter. Sexual activities within this type of partnership are usually kept on the DL, hence the name “sneaky”. In its essence, this kind of uh... collaboration is restricted to only in the proximity of a bedroom and nothing much else. 

The number one rule to having a sneaky link is to not catch feelings, first and foremost. How do you prevent that, you ask? These precautionary measures should be able to give you an idea. 

Which one's better for me?

Just in case you're wondering, it depends on what you're comfortable with. Some people prefer to develop at least some kind of connection before moving on to the sexual part and if this resonates with you, then having friends with benefits would perhaps be ideal. If you strictly want the sugar, then have yourself a sneaky link. 


Ultimately, these types of relationships are bound to have an expiration date, so if you're cool with that then have fun with it! There's no shame in refusing to commit, as long as you find a respectful partner who gets it. 

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