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Here's Why Malaysia Is Losing Talents To Other Countries | Working Abroad


It is sad to see that many Malaysians are leaving their homeland to seek better career opportunities, especially those professionals and talented people. According to statistics, Singapore had the most Malaysian workers, with almost a million, compared to other countries.
In a recent interview, our Deputy Human Resources Minister, Mustapha Sakmud shared a new finding done by the ministry on why Malaysians are seeking work opportunities abroad. They have concluded three main reasons:-
# 1  - Perceived "social injustice" at the workplace
"They (Oversea employers) are based on meritocracy, unlike in our (Local employers), which is sometimes based on connections or who you know," said Mustapha in the interview as he shares his personal experience regarding social injustice in Malaysia.

# 2 - Better law protection for worker's right
"Developed countries have better laws that protect their workers' rights from any discrimination," the Deputy Minister explained to the interviewer.

# 3 - Better salaries
While the above two are crucial factors, the low salary in Malaysia has worsened the situation.  
"When I first started working as an engineer in 1993, my salary was RM1,800. My son graduated in 2019 and joined a private company as an engineer too. His salary is RM2,300," 
"Can you imagine? In the span of almost 30 years, the increment has been so minimal. How can we expect to retain our professionals?" said Mustapha.

The Deputy Minister said that the ministry's agency TalentCorp is encouraging a more diverse and inclusive workplace by introducing a few programmes such as Women Career Comeback and Flexible Work Arrangements. 
He is also positive that Malaysia is moving towards a more balanced ecosystem with the "Malaysia Madani" concept envisioned by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anway Ibrahim. 
"We are far behind, even at the Asean level. I am asking professionals, who are currently living abroad, to come back and assist us in regaining our status as an 'Asian Tiger'," said the Deputy Human Resources Minister.
Watch the full interview here.
Source: NST

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