51-Year-Old M'sian Mountaineer Passed Away On Mount Everest After Experiencing Breathing Difficulties



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51-Year-Old M'sian Mountaineer Passed Away On Mount Everest After Experiencing Breathing Difficulties

By JustineG

For many mountaineers, conquering the mighty Mount Everest is a lifelong dream, and this 51-year-old Malaysian named Loosin Tew was no exception. However, scaling such a formidable peak comes with its risks, as it has claimed many lives. Still, this daring individual believed she was more than prepared, armed with 30 years of mountaineering experience.


On October 1st, Loosin embarked on a journey to Nepal with a group of ten fellow mountaineers, all with the intention of ascending Mount Everest the following day. Unfortunately, on October 7th, she began experiencing breathing difficulties. 

The group made the decision to set up camp at a lower altitude, hoping it would improve her oxygen intake. Regrettably, this measure didn't yield the desired results.


She was subsequently transferred from Annapurna Base Camp (approximately 4130 meters above sea level) to Machhapuchchhre Base Camp (roughly 3600 meters above sea level) to receive oxygen. Tragically, Loosin passed away at the camp around 2 o'clock on October 10th. Due to adverse weather conditions, authorities were unable to transport her body by helicopter.


Instead, her body was carried down the mountain in a painstaking 7-hour journey. Currently, her remains are in Nepal, where an autopsy is being conducted. Her sister mentioned that they are waiting for the autopsy report and death certificate. Their mother has decided to cremate her sister's body in Nepal before bringing her back to Malaysia for burial.

Our hearts go out to those who knew her, and we hope that those close to her can find solace in her passing.

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