WATCH: Amoi’s Night Shift Tale Goes Viral With Spooky ‘Pocong’ Encounter



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WATCH: Amoi’s Night Shift Tale Goes Viral With Spooky ‘Pocong’ Encounter

By storyteller24

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A video has surfaced online featuring a woman claiming to have witnessed a spooky entity known as a 'pocong'. The first-time experience for a petrol station manager known as Amoi, working the night shift three days ago was like a terrifying dream for her when she spotted an entity that resembled a 'pocong'.

In the video, Amoi redirected her camera before the figure's body structure became clear. Sharing her story, Amoi said the incident took place at around 4am while she was on duty at the counter.


mata nmpk cm dia tp tak pasti la ...

Horror atmosphere piano & SE. - Kohrogi

"At that time, there were only two of us working, myself and another colleague. During the incident, there were no customers, so while working, I went live on TikTok and interacted with my followers.

"My eyes then spotted something glowing on the roof of a restaurant across the street, so I tried to zoom in for a closer look and was shocked when I saw the 'pocong' figure," she said.

According to Amoi, the figure's appearance was quite clear, as it was illuminated by an unidentified light source.

"As far as I know, there are no street lights there, so I do not know where the light came from. The creature seemed to be on the restaurant's roof. The restaurant was already closed, so it did not make sense for there to be light there. I am convinced that what I saw was a 'pocong' and that might be why I had a fever the next day," she said.

Amoi said she did not share the incident with anyone, including her co-worker.

"I just kept the story to myself, and only the day after (yesterday) that I spoke to an uncle who happened to work the same shift as me. According to the uncle, he was cleaning the restroom at that time and also saw a figure, but he was not sure if it was an entity like what I saw," she said.

Regarding her TikTok sharing, Amoi said her intention was not to scare anyone but merely to share the spooky experience she went through.

"I have never experienced anything like that, so I just shared the video I recorded on TikTok.

"Many people believe it, probably because it was so clear, and not long after I uploaded the video, a friend who lives nearby said the area is known to be haunted because it is close to a conservation forest," she said.

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