Meet Rozy: South Korea's Next Social Media Star... Oh And Did We Mention She's Not A Real Person?



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Meet Rozy: South Korea's Next Social Media Star... Oh And Did We Mention She's Not A Real Person?

By Ayunie

Whether you subscribe to the idea or not, the realm of social media is gloriously driven with trend-influenced looks and anything avant-garde— and as shallow as that may sound, likes and engagement has indubitably become the new currency in a world where the internet reigns supreme.

But what happens when even regular influencers are failing the rat race of "Who Can Stay Relevant The Longest?" Well, easy. You create a fake influencer! At least, that seems to be the train of thought of one of the marketing companies in South Korea, Sidus Studio X, when they came up with Rozy, the world's latest Artificial Intelligence influencer to rock Instagram. 

During her first few postings on the internet, her followers failed to notice that she was indeed not a real human. When her true identity was revealed, it worked well for Rozy's whole image as that's when she started to garner even more followers. At this point in writing, she has secured over 100 sponsorships and almost 100K Instagram followers! 

Will we be seeing more AI influencers in the future? That would certainly be interesting to witness. 

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