This M'sian Came Home to Find Out That Her Family Members Threw Her Cats Out Without Asking Her



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This M'sian Came Home to Find Out That Her Family Members Threw Her Cats Out Without Asking Her

By sleepingbeauty

In a deeply saddening turn of events, a cat owner returned home to discover that her beloved feline companions had been thrown away by her family members. 

The cats, who had never ventured beyond the confines of their house compound, were her cherished babies. 

The owner expressed her anguish, unable to comprehend how someone could commit such an act. She shared her sadness, emphasizing that her cats were born and raised in the safety of their home, never having set foot outside or crossed any roads.

The owner's distress was evident as she lamented the unknown fate of her cats, uncertain of where they had been discarded. 

She questioned the motive behind such an action, unable to fathom the sins committed by her innocent feline companions. 

The weight of responsibility for their welfare now lies on the ones who callously disposed of them.

The owner expressed her sadness and anger, highlighting the lack of consideration and consultation before the cats were taken away. She implored that, at the very least, she should have been asked beforehand, as she would have taken steps to rehome them.

She is struggling to comprehend the actions of those involved, feeling a mix of sadness and anger.

With a heavy heart, the owner now faces the daunting task of searching for her cats, not knowing where to begin. She urged the responsible party to bear the weight of their actions, acknowledging the burden of the sins committed against innocent animals. 

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