WATCH: Supermarket Customer Calls Out Staff Selling Polybag Oil To Foreigners



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WATCH: Supermarket Customer Calls Out Staff Selling Polybag Oil To Foreigners

By storyteller24

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A man was left frustrated after he saw the subsidised cooking oil in polybags being sold to foreigners at a supermarket recently.

In the one minute and five seconds viral video viewed over 300,000 times on X posted by @nanmanjoi8715, he called out the cashier for allowing the sale of the packet of cooking oil to a foreigner.

"Didn't your boss tell you that this (subsidised cooking oil) cannot be sold to foreigners?

"This is only for our people (Malaysians)," said the man to the cashier.

Shortly later the supervisor approached the counter to check on the commotion where he again stressed that cooking oil in polybags should not be sold to foreigners.

"How can you sell subsidised items (to foreigners)?" he questioned the senior staff before other customers chimed in to argue the workers' action.

His action earned praise from the netizens on X for speaking up and defending the rights of the Malaysians.

X user @cendoi_pulut said that weak enforcement to curb the sale of subsidised items to foreigners has resulted in such incidents.

"The higher ups did not think of ways to overcome the problem, only as far as giving ideas.

"In the end, there is no change and it has worsened for the people," he said.

Another X user @Nour_Xairain said that all parties must work together to ensure subsidised items reach only the Malaysians.

"No need to wait for enforcement, we should play a role be it the cashier, customer or a seller because subsidy is the right of the Malaysians," he added.

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