28yo Girl Kneeled And Begged Her Parents For A Pair Of Shoes Worth RM130



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28yo Girl Kneeled And Begged Her Parents For A Pair Of Shoes Worth RM130

2 Weeks ago

How much money for a pair of shoes is too much? RM10? RM130? Or you are willing to pay more? 

A girl from Shaoxing, China, made a dramatic scene in a shoe retail shop because she couldn't get her parents to pay for the RM130 worth of shoes that she wanted. 


The 28 years old broke down in tears, screamed and threw things at her parents after her parents refused to buy her the shoe. 

According to reports, her parents refused to buy her that RMB200+ (Approx. RM130)  shoe because they feel that it is too expensive. The parents think that a pair of RMB10+ shoes is good enough and they are wearing them too. 

The girl went crazy because she wanted a pair of nicer shoes and she couldn't afford them herself because all her money was kept away by her parents. 

In face of the girl's breakdown, the parents seem to be embarrassed by her and asked her to be "normal". They left the shop afterwards. 

The girl went down on her knees and even bowed at her parents, begging them to buy her that shoe. 

In the end, the girl did not get the shoe she wanted and she was seen crying and shouting on the sidewalk. 

What does everyone think of this? Is RM130 too expensive for a pair of shoes? Has the girl overreacted? Are the parents overly stingy? 

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