Not a Fan Of Shaving? Try These Painless Alternatives That Won’t Darken Your Skin Overtime!



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Not a Fan Of Shaving? Try These Painless Alternatives That Won’t Darken Your Skin Overtime!

By Ayunie

Being a woman can be a pain sometimes, let's admit it. 

With all the regular maintenance a woman has to upkeep, finding a better or easier way of managing it all would be equal to finding a cheat code to life, basically. Now, let's talk about shaving. No woman enjoys it, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Thankfully, there are much less painful and troublesome ways to remove hair on our body that do not include repeatedly running sharp blades against our delicate skin.

Here are the best three alternatives to regular shaving when it comes to removing any type of hair on your skin: 

1. SweetPeachier's IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset  

Peachier's range of hair removal handsets has managed to garner more than 30,000 loyal customers over the years. Pain-free, removes hair re-growth in just a couple of sessions, works on any body part, (including face and Brazilian!) and their pro version even comes with Ice-cooling technology for those with sensitive skin. 

Although the price might be a bit steep, there's a three-month installment program you can subscribe to that makes paying for it easier. 

Browse their products HERE. 

2. Veet Hair Removal Cream

Veet hair removal cream has been a staple in every girl's "Me-Time" routine, so this one isn't really a new find. Nonetheless, it's a great alternative to shaving as it is extremely gentle and requires no harsh procedures, unlike shaving. If you've never tried this hair removal cream before, this is your sign. 

You can get this at any pharmacy. 

3. PUFF Magic Hair Eraser & Exfoliator  

The newest method in removing body hair, this hair remover and exfoliator uses Nano Crystalline Glass technology to remove hair particles from the very roots, and it's completely painless. 

Buy one for yourself HERE.  

Constant shaving will eventually darken the skin area overtime, and even though that is completely normal, if you're particularly insecure about those parts of your body, you can always opt for these much gentler alternatives that won't leave your skin compromised. 

Have you used any of these methods or products before? Please share your experience with us!

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