Here Are 3 Things To Remember If You’re Someone Thinking Of Laser Hair Removal



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Here Are 3 Things To Remember If You’re Someone Thinking Of Laser Hair Removal

By ellephant

We’re not hair shaming anyone, but we’re personally not big fans of body hair, everywhere. It’s uncomfortable and just feels so much better non-existent. 

So, if you’ve been considering laser hair removal, there are some things to keep in mind.

Check them out.  

#1 It is not a removal, it is a reduction

Complete removal is false advertising. You’ll still have some hair, in patches, thinner and lesser. They aim to reduce the thickness of your hair, till its barely noticeable.

#2 It works better on thicker and darker hair

The best effects of laser can be seen in places and on people with thicker and darker hair. So, if you have a body part with thinner hair, do expect less visible results.  

#3 Laser hurts, but much lesser than waxing

Laser has heat so it will burn your follicles and it will hurt, but it will also hurt SO MUCH lesser than waxing. So, if you’ve waxed before, this one’s going to be easy peasy.

So before you pay, make sure to take note besties!

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