Forget Red, These 5 Colors Help You Stand Out During Chinese New Year!



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Forget Red, These 5 Colors Help You Stand Out During Chinese New Year!

By xweienx

As the malls start swapping their Christmas trees for red lanterns and blasting Chinese New Year songs, it is a sign to start your Chinese New Year shopping. Besides giving you another reason for a shopping spree, wearing new clothes on Chinese New Year actually signifies the start of something new and a change towards good.  

While red is traditionally THE color for Chinese New Year, modern times have called for a more creative and expressive palette. That said, instead of getting lost in a sea of red clothes this year, why not put on these colors to stand out!

1. Pink

It's a little cheating as pink is technically a shade of red, but we'll let it slide. Pink is not as "in-your-face" as red is, making it suitable for those who are more shy to be in the spotlight but still want to have a unique personality. It gives off a lively and fresh vibe, especially for younger girls!  

2. Gold

Being the color of fortune and wealth, nobody will stop you from wearing gold on Chinese New Year. Instead, they might even be more welcoming! A primarily gold outfit brings you a class above without making you look too proud. Not only that, you might even strike some luck with the God of Prosperity by wearing his color!  

3. White

White symbolizes purity and cleanliness, like how we cleanse our lives of all misfortunes and bad luck at the start of the Chinese New Year. The advantage of a white outfit is that it fits many different styles easily. However, it is more suggested for those with fairer skin. Also, do take note that any stains will be very obvious so take extra care when flinging that "yee sang"!  

4. Green

The color of life itself. In Asian cultures, green is sometimes associated with the color of Jade, the traditional symbol of the rich and the royal. Admittedly, this color is only quite recently introduced to Chinese New Year outfit colors and might not be suitable for everyone. More mature ladies will see green give them a high class vibe.  

5. Black

This can be a little controversial and should be worn with caution (probably not for the first 2 days of CNY), but if done right, black portrays plenty of elegance with a hint of sexiness. It gives off a sense of exquisiteness and coolness, but can be playful at times. Just remember to consider it thoroughly as older generations and more superstitious hosts might be unhappy about it.  

There's more than just a typical red color outfits to wear during Chinese New Year, so be sure to bookmark this article for when you finally do your CNY shopping! Remember, stay safe and shop online if possible! new.year shopping outfit tips cheongsam chinese cny


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