5 Days No Wash Hair Hack



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5 Days No Wash Hair Hack

By xweienx

It‘s no secret that many girls don’t like washing their hair. Even the thought of having to blow our hair dry is tiring! On the other hand, if we don't wash our hair, then it gets oily and we just look disheveled all the time. Everyday is a constant battle between "wash" and "no wash". Well, today we're sharing a 5 Day No Wash hack on how you can look tidy with 5 different hairstyles for each day of the week, all without washing your hair!

Day 1: Let It All Down

Of course, since you've just washed your hair, it'll still be smooth and fluffy. To style it, you can consider slightly curling the ends.

Day 2: Low Ponytail

After an entire day, your hair is bound to be a little oily. A low ponytail can give you a fresh new look from the previous day. You can leave your bangs and fringes to further compliment your face.


Day 3: High Bun

At this point, even your bangs will start getting a little oily and that means trouble for your face. To keep it all away from the skin, consider some cute high bun hairstyles. If you have some dry shampoo spray, this is the time to take them out.


Day 4: Braided Ponytail

Besides preventing your bangs from touching your face, we're going to keep the rest of our hair in check too. A braided ponytail will not only give us more control of our hair, but you'll also look cute at the same time.


Day 5: Cover It Up

If you've made it this far, then congratulations! But you should really consider washing your hair. If you really want to last another day, then it's time to bring it some tools. A hat or cap can be a gamechanger for your outfit, all while keeping your hair out of sight!

So, there you have it! 5 hairstyles for 5 days of 0 hair washing! Perfect when you're on a short holiday or if you're just plain lazy like most of us.

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