Tourists Share Eerie Experience During Their Stay At Melaka Hotel



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Tourists Share Eerie Experience During Their Stay At Melaka Hotel

By JustineG

When choosing accommodation for a business trip, there are various factors to consider. Price, facilities, cleanliness, and distance from the destination are common considerations, but some people also pay attention to the "cleanliness" of the atmosphere in a different sense - whether there are any supernatural encounters or ghostly incidents. It's not uncommon for people to have experienced some eerie events while staying in hotels.

A netizen recently shared a ghostly encounter on an online booking platform, sparking lively discussions. The incident involved a Malaysian traveller who stayed at a hotel in Malacca in January 2023. This individual, known as Visu, left a positive review praising the cleanliness of the room, the friendly staff, and the overall great experience, giving the hotel a perfect score of 10. However, there was a twist - Visu revealed that the room was haunted.

In the comment, Visu narrated a spine-chilling experience of being unable to sleep all night due to strange knocking sounds on the bathroom door and window. At one point, in the middle of the night, the guest claimed to have seen a little girl standing near the bathroom door, which left them terrified. Turning on the light made the girl vanish. Later, around 5 am, the guest felt someone pulling their quilt, causing a feeling of unease. This unsettling encounter led Visu to decide never to stay in that room again.

Interestingly, the hotel itself had an impressive overall score of 8.7, with over 10,000 reviews on the booking platform, mostly filled with positive feedback. However, in July 2023, another guest reported encountering a ghost in the same hotel, suggesting that Visu wasn't the first to have such a spine-tingling experience during their stay.

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