Local Radio DJs & Influencer Visited Haunted Island In Penang, And Things Did Not Go Well!



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Local Radio DJs & Influencer Visited Haunted Island In Penang, And Things Did Not Go Well!


DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for educational purposes only, and we do not intend to spread any malice. We strongly advise against visiting this island.

On a small deserted island in Penang lies a rocky outcrop named Pulau Tikus. A shrine stands on the island, and no one knows who built it, when it was constructed, or why it was ever erected. This place has gained infamy due to its supernatural occurrences. It is believed that spirits inhabit the area, attracting many believers who come to "pray" for their desires. Simultaneously, it has also drawn adventurers eager to explore the island. Once again, we strongly advise you NOT to visit this place, as numerous unfortunate incidents have been reported involving these adventurers. Here's another real-life example.

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A group of local radio DJs, along with an influencer, visited the island to explore it, and their experience was far from pleasant. The influencer shared their story on Instagram, detailing the events that transpired during their visit, which rapidly gained viral attention.

Warning From the Boatman

The crew enlisted a local boatman to ferry them to Pulau Tikus. As they boarded the boat, the boatman cautioned them about the "guardians" on the island. However, they chose to proceed with their journey.

The Green-Colored Shrine

Upon reaching the island, they ascended a flight of stairs to reach a green-coloured shrine. According to a signboard, it serves as the tomb of a local saint named Seyad Abdul Mohamed Kuddoos Oliyullah. In front of the tombstone, various offerings and symbols from different religions were present.


Crows and a Cave

According to the influencer, the island boasts stunning beaches and rock formations. One crew member even took a dip in the sea. However, a drawback was the presence of an "eerily large flock of crows" inhabiting the island. Their experience took a disturbing turn when they stumbled upon a cave.


Nausea and Vomiting

Venturing through rocky terrain, they reached the cave, only to discover it was a nesting place for bats. Suddenly, all crew members began to feel dizzy and sensed something amiss. Subsequently, one of them started vomiting.


Mystery of a Lost Ring

Alarmed, they hastily retreated from the cave to reach the boat, intending to provide medical attention to the crew member who was vomiting. En route, another crew member realized that the ring attached to his necklace had mysteriously disappeared, while the necklace remained undamaged.


The White Figure, Golden Crab, and Old Man

On their way back to the boat, a crew member reported seeing "a white figure darting among the rocks." The influencer noted that this crew member was usually sceptical, making the claim more compelling. After boarding the boat, the boatman informed them of witnessing a golden crab on the island, as well as an old man engaged in prayer on the rocks.


There is no definitive way to prove whether these events are supernatural phenomena or mere coincidences. Nonetheless, these encounters undeniably occurred, and the crew member who had been vomiting took several days to recover.

Watch the full video here.

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Source: Instagram - @wisedefies 

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