WATCH: M’sian Fitness Enthusiast's Heartwarming Act Of Helping Elderly Woman With Boxes Of Mineral Water Goes Viral



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WATCH: M’sian Fitness Enthusiast's Heartwarming Act Of Helping Elderly Woman With Boxes Of Mineral Water Goes Viral

By storyteller24

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A video of a Malaysian fitness enthusiast helping an elderly woman carry several boxes of mineral water has touched hearts and received praise from netizens.

In a TikTok post shared by the user @fixxfitness, he can be seen happily lifting the boxes into the trunk of her car, while the elderly's son was in the passenger seat.

"This is one of the benefits of going to the gym. God willing, I am able to assist those who need help.

"While I was looking for a parking spot, an elderly lady stopped me and asked for help to lift a few boxes of water into her car because she is too old to do it herself. Her child has disabilities," he wrote in the caption.

@fixsuhailexx Salah satu benefit bila aku main gym. In Sya Allah dapat bantu org yg memerlukan. Masa tengah cari parking, auntie ni hold aku and datang mintak tolong angkat kotak air ni ke dalam kereta dia. Sbb dia dah tua xlarat nak angkat. Anak plak OKU. Kesian tengok orang tua mcm ni. Xkisah apa bangsa n agama sekalipon. Tolong menolong. dengan harapan kalau mak aku tengah angkat barang berat ada orang beri bantuan. Anak2 kerja luar kawasan. #fyp original sound - MVM Music

He continued by expressing his hope that others would also assist his mother if she ever needed it.

"I feel sorry to see elderly people in such a situation. Race and religion do not matter at this point. We should help each other. I hope that if my mother is lifting something heavy, someone will offer assistance, as my siblings work outside the area," he added.

This video has garnered over 113,500 views with 2,951 likes and 115 comments, with people flooding the comments section to thank him for his kind act.

TikTok user @AdrianaMatthew said: "Thank you, bro, for helping people in need. Thank you so much."

"Is it an empty box? It looks easy to lift. Anyway, you are the best," said @JaeZulkelfi.

"Thank you for being a kind person," commented @EncikOrked.

Another user, @RifSuhaile said: "Good job, brother. May Allah make your matters easy. God willing, Allah will grant you good things."

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